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11.04 consistently freezes while downloading

Ubuntu @ September 18, 2011   Views:0

By freeze, I mean it stops taking keyboard and mouse input entirely and the screen stops updating. The only thing I can do is hard reboot. This most often happens when torrenting - I usually can't download a torrent for longer than a few minutes before it happens - but it has also occured when, say, loading several pages in Firefox at once. Just now it happened while I was watching a youtube video.

This has been happening ever since I upgraded to 11.04. Kernel is 2.6.38-10. Help?




Mine was doing the same thing and since I had tried several operating systems I think the hd must have gotten fragged up. So a friend suggested that I use a disk called "super F disk" and do some maint to my hd. Sure enough it found a problem and fixed it. What problem I am not sure but I thought I would mention it to you. It seems I had two partitions trying to overlap. Good luck.

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