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8.10 on MSI Wind U100

Ubuntu @ November 18, 2008   Views:0

Trying to get a few things sorted with my msi wind and ubuntu install:

first of all i am pretty sure in my haste to get ubuntu up i have installed the wrong drivers for my mini pci wifi card (RTL8187SE).... now although these drivers still work for connecting to networks, i am trying to uninstall them and install the updated ones with a patch ive downloaded so injection will work with aircrack, kismet, etc...

Ive had no luck uninstalling them, all i can seem to do is deactivate them... how on earth do i get rid of the installed drivers without doing a fresh install??


how did u install them?

if you used make ... there is mostly the opportunity to uninstall it as long as you have the files still.

is there already a out-of-the-box driver for these?

try this links




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