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a problem with my project

Software Development @ December 19, 2009   Views:0

hi guys, i am new in this forum, my project is about Quad Tree image compression, the problem is that it does not succeed to encode large images, it works good for my small 8 by 8 image, i work by QT c++ editor, i attached my project with my sample image, notice that when you input other images, it must be .bmp format, must be squared ( height = width) and of the power 2 e.g. 256 by 256 or 512 by 512, i hope that you fix my problem


What does the quadtree lib do?

What does the quadtree lib do?

the Quadtree lib inserts all the pixels into a quad tree (insert function), then the leafs of this tree is checked in order to delete every four same colors belong to one parent, this phase called simplification, and it produces the required quadtree, the leafs of this quadtree (which contains the compressed colors) are saved in other bitmap image

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