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Accessing other network computers

Ubuntu @ February 7, 2009   Views:0

Hello everyone!

I've just received my Ubuntu package, and have been satisfied and impressed with the OS. However, I have a problem accessing the network computers here in my dormitory. When I'm using Windows, I usually use Borgchat (I think it's a messaging system for our local network) to access other people's computers. But now, there's this message that says "Bad device type" whenever I try to access them.

Also I've removed my Network Manager, and I am currently using a "static IP address". I followed a procedure from a link in the internet.

Hope you can help me. Please and thank you


Does your campus network support static IP? You can't just decide to use a static IP on a network that uses dynamic IP assignment (like most college and university networks).How can I know whether my computer can support a static IP or a dynamic one? I can access the internet- does this mean that it supports a static IP? Also even before, when I was using Network Manager, I cannot access other computers in my local network.The question is not if your computer can support a static IP. Your COMPUTER can certainly support it. The question is this: does the NETWORK you are using support it. Most networks use dynamic IP assignment. When you set up your computer to use a static IP on a dynamic IP network, you will run into problems if the network has assigned the IP address that you have set to another device. You will need to contact your campus IT support desk to find out if you can use a static IP. If you can, they will have to assign you the static IP address.

I don't know exactly what you mean by "accessing" other people's computers on the network. Nor am I sure what BorgChat is or does. I'm not much of an "expert" on networking. But there are others who may be able to help. But they will need to know exactly what it is you are trying to do.I am sorry for the trouble. I've solved the problem. There was just a mix-up with my gateway. Thanks anyway

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