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Apache & MySQL in differentes servers.

MySQL @ September 22, 2005   Views:0

Hi there folks. This is the situation...

I've been running a slow Debian machine, with Apache + PHP + MySQL. But, with the time and usage, it's getting to slow to use MySQL. So, now I have another machine (running Debian too), and i've installed MySQL there with all the databases and users moved on to, it works perfectly (with phpmyadmin). What I want is to have the first machine running apache + php, and in the other MySQL. How can i do that ? I've tested making a mysql_connect from a page hosted in the first machine to the other one running MySQL but i didn't work, couldn't connect. I've tried redirecting mysql port to the other machine (iptables) and that didn't work either...

Resuming... I want all my users to work with the first machine, they have their accounts in there and all their files, their pages, etc... And the database running in the other machine.

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