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Bunch of questions about upgrading and the Home folder!

Ubuntu @ January 13, 2009   Views:0

I'm currently running Ubuntu 8.04 and I'd like to do a fresh install and switch to Kubuntu 8.10.

Can I make a compressed backup of Home to a USB stick and then simply copy it back to the new install?

Would an Ubuntu Home folder be usable with Kubuntu?

Is what I am wanting to do even possible?

With regard to Home I know the obvious solution would be to create a separate Home partition. Trouble is I have no idea how big to make it. My home folder is in the region of 4.6gb and growing. How big do they get? What happens if you fill your Home partition?

Aside from personal files am i right in thinking that Home stores all your config files or does it actually contain any applications that are installed in addition to the base Ubuntu install?

Sorry for so many questions.


You should be OK to save your home folder to a USB stick. You could zip it up to save space.
All of your personal data should be OK on Kubuntu, but I am not sure if the configuration files will work, but I would amagine that most would unless they are for programs that are gnome based, but even then they may.
You can make your home folder what ever size you want.
I think mine is currently about 30gb & I have 10gb for the root of the system (mount point /) & then 1.5gb for the swap partition.
Hope that helps a little.

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