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can't access table created phpMyAdmin

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I am running apache, PHP and MySQL here on my windows laptop. I downloaded and installed a very handy tool called the PHP Triad to do this.

Once I installed the triad though, I wanted to update the version of MySQL and the phpMyAdmin here locally. So I downloaded the mysql-4.0.20d-win-noinstall.zip file from mysql.com and phpMyAdmin-2.5.7-pl1.zip from the SourceForge site. I unzipped and installed everything properly (I think), but there must be something else I need to set.

I create a new database called "ecart" on my machine here, and when I try to call on that database from a PHP script, it doesn't connect. It worked just fine before I did the phpMyAdmin and MySQL upgrade. Any thoughts??




I've never tried to update mysql after installing using package like phptriad.

I think your better off installing apache/php/mysql/phpmyadmin from scratch.

It will take a bit more effort but it's well worth it. I have found packages like phptriad often install a cutdown version of php that does not have full functionality.

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