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Cannot connect to WIFI after installing Ubuntu 10.10

Ubuntu @ December 10, 2010   Views:0

new, completely fresh installation from USB, on dual boot on older Asus C90S laptop, all the previuse versions 8.x and 9.x were working fine.
the WiFi card is working up to a level to show me the available WEP/WPA networks, but won't connect !?
following the threads here, I found that I shall be able to:
"I went into "System - Administration - Additional Drivers", and deactivated the "Broadcom STA wireless driver".
now, first problem, that my list of "additional drivers" is empty, saying "no proprietary drivers are in use on this system".
also, tried to list the hardware drivers, can't find the button anywhere? No such a thing like that. Maybe, to make the button available in System/Preferences/MainMenu but no button there neither ?
To pull the ethernet cable to my room to my laptop spot might be a bigger problem, let see first if we can find how to make my intel 4965AGN card (its a common card with common 802.11 band's) working? my best guess the card is working, but how to make it communicate?


still no luck,


This was for 10.4 but as you will see a 10.10 user found it also worked, good luck.


Connect to Internet using wired network! And search for the Drivers available for your laptop!

install the drivers and have a working wi-fi!

Interesting (will try definitely), but again, my card is working, discovering the many WiFi networks in the neighborhood, only won't take the password for WEP/WPA, that means won't connect.
2 nights ago I did the upgrade to 10.10 my Asus Eee netbook and the C90s laptop. The C90s stack after update, so I install all from scratch, all works fine but won't take the passwords. The netbook toke the update and all works fine, probably just remembered the passwords

I have the same problem... Ubuntu 10.10 on dell Inspiron 1720 Showing the available networks, but do not take the password. The computer next to me, running win 7 is working with no problems.
I use a USB wifi card- Cisco Linksys Wireless-G WUSB54GC ver.3

I have no possibility to connect the computer with the cable

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