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Changing my user login photo

Ubuntu @ January 30, 2011   Views:0

I'm wanting to have a personalized photo on each user on the login screen, but am having difficulties figuring it out. I've done some searching here on the forums but haven't come up with anything yet. I'm using Pinguy OS 10.10. Any help would be appreciated.


If your using Gnome it's in About Me. Just click the icon.

i think every user sets his own avatar
look into 'about me' - in standard gnome it's in system->preferences

it should be in pinguy os, i see it in a random googled screenshot
Changing my user login photo

wojox and Vaphell, thanks for that info. I'll try it out next time I get a chance to get on my linux computer.

I was able to change the photo. Thanks a lot.

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