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Cheese crashes eeepc 1000

Ubuntu @ July 29, 2009   Views:0

When I start up Cheese, the program starts, then my laptop screen goes to multi colored vertical lines, then crashes. I purged and removed the app in Terminal, then reinstalled....same result. It worked fine in 8.10 and this is the first time I tried to use it in 9.04.



Start the app in terminal to see if you get any error messages upon crashing.


I saw problems with Cheese on Gutsy that were fixed on Hardy, but now going to intrepid it seems theres a lot of posts of crashing systems again with Cheese.

Recommend you look at your logs and see if there are any messages that give an indication of what may happen

system->admin->logfile viewer

the kernel logs may show something.

Posting it here or seraching launchpad with some error may find whats up.

I started Cheese in Terminal and it crashed faster than I could read any messages. I'm not very geeky, is there a command I can type that will give me the error?

I also scanned thru the logfile messages as the other poster suggested, but it's all greek to me and nothing said 'cheese'

thanks again for your help

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