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Chrome issue ubuntu 12.10

Ubuntu @ January 30, 2013   Views:0

Installed a fresh copy of ubuntu 12.10 then installed Chromium. When i went to a local News site newsday.com an error message came up which stated malware.. The message said that Chromium has detected malware on that web site newsday.com--i have been going to that site for years its fine!!!

fire fox no problem! Can ubuntu 12.10 get malware?? I didnt think so--could this be a browser problem? I never saw this malware screen pop up ever i been using ubuntu for 7 years!

Thanks for any input!! Have a great day! Mark


It isn't a chrome/chromium issue per se.

The website has been flagged by google reasonably recently as having an infection, so it isn't keen on you visiting the site

Click on the "advanced" link in the warning message to learn more.

Ok so its a google thing--not ubuntu or anything on my end! How do you get around this as i know the site is safe--Its a public newspaper site thats been around for ever! Thanks for you input!

Did you not read the advanced link in the warning ?

Just because it's a public newspaper site it doesn't have to be safe. For example, my dad once got a trojan from a respectable newspaper site (Times of India). People could have hacked the site, you know. Linux should be relatively immune to malware in general, but if it is something cross-platform, Ubuntu could be affected, too.

Malware is such an all encompassing phrase

The site in question appears to have been hacked multiple times over recent months, and although the OPs blind faith in the sites benevolence is touching, it is also misplaced.

When you see the warning message in chrome/chromium, click on advanced, then you have the option to learn more about why the warning has been placed on that site, or you can click through to the site if that is what you want. But it is at your own peril

Ok got it now!! Thanks for your help howefield

Any time

Safe browsing.

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