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"Corrupted" Hard Disk

Ubuntu @ March 7, 2009   Views:0

Ok, I haven't got a clue on what to do with this problem, so I'll just lay it out:

I've got Ubuntu installed through WUBI on my Windows D:\ drive. I can access everything on this HD using the /host directory in Ubuntu. However, when I try to access the drive in Windows, it informs me that "This file or directory is corrupted and unreadable".

Clearly, that isn't the case or I wouldn't even be able to run Ubuntu, never mind access the rest of the drive through Ubuntu.

So, if anyone can shed light on this problem I'd be very grateful.


Window will not see the partition for ubuntu, if installed Ubuntu under window it will just show up as a program running under windows. you can see it in the control panal, add remove progams, for example.

Windows can't read ext partitions without third party software installed.


How can I access the Wubi files from Windows?

There are a few Windows applications that can mount ext2-based file systems. See for instance:

* http://www.chrysocome.net/explore2fs
* http://www.fs-driver.org/

The relevant Wubi files you need to access are located under C:\ubuntu\disks\

But until this problem occured, I had been able to use my D:\ drive in Windows, Ubuntu was installed to a directory on that drive through Wubi. The D:\ drive is in NTFS format. Does that mean that the ext partition only applies to that directory (in this case, D:\ubuntu).

I could be wrong but I thought that Wubi only installed under windows and you would not see a partion for Ubnutu under windows on any drive. The Wube Ubuntu installation would be on the same drive as windows.

No, I installed it on my data drive (D:\). Windows is on my C:\ drive. I could access everything through Ubuntu, but couldn't access Ubuntu stuff through Windows.

The problem now is that while I can still access the whole drive through Ubuntu (/host), I cannot access the same drive (D:\) through Windows.

Ok, I not sure what is going on but if you did install Ubuntu with Wubi you should be able to uninstall it under windows. control panel, add remove program. I would uninstall it (make sure you take off and save anything you need) and then reinstall it with Wubi under windows in the same drive as windows. I have used wubi before but I did not remember it giving you a choice as to where you wanted to install. Anyway here is the web site if you need it.


Boot into Ubuntu, open a terminal and post the output of


sudo fdisk -l

that should tell us whats going on with your D:\ drive

I appreciate the help, but I'm not sure that would solve the problem to be honest. I don't think reinstalling Ubuntu through Wubi would let me access a drive through Windows.

But then again, I don't have a clue how to go about sorting this problem.

I agree but having the info of fdisk in Ubuntu might give us a clue as to whats going on. Also, can you go into Disk Management in Windows and take a screen shot of your partitions?

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