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cybersitter took over

Microsoft Windows @ February 19, 2004   Views:0

i have this cyber sitter stuck on my system. even after i got rid of it it is still not letting me in to sites. i figured this out after my system generated an error and it said cyber sitter was the problem. i think i uninstalled this a while ago and i remember something went wrong with the uninstall. anyway i downloaded it again to see what would happen. i disabled the settings and i was able to surf again. if i uninstall this program i can not surf certain sites. how do i fix the problem. it was like my 10daytrial lasted forever. its like if i deleted the files but they were still working


Today I tried to install the Windows 10 Fall Creator's Update. It failed with the message

cybersitter took over

I found this peculiar because I don't have that application installed. I ...

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I have been using my HOSTS file for years to dummy out ad sites by adding entries like   www.ukbanners.com

A while back I installed Unchecky, a program which automatically ...

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