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Data Mapping Database Report

Crystal Reports @ January 11, 2005   Views:0

I am working on a data mapping project (i.e. mapping tables from a SQL server database to VSAM files on a mainframe). I know that's bass-ackwards .. but that's what "the man" wants. And what "the man" wants he gets

What i am trying to do is to produce one report for each table (in the SQL server database). Each report would contain one column per field-name. Along with the field-name, i would like to also include the 10 most popular values of that field, a count for each, and one key per value (to refer-back).

If anyone is following along, do you have any suggestions ?? I'm assuming Crystal MUST have this functionality, but i'm banging my head against a wall trying to figure out even where to begin.

Thanks in advance !!


The first part is easy - I presume you can use the report expert to get the raw data from the SQL table and show that as columns in the report. Am I right?

If you can do that, then you want to produce an individual count for each field - do you mean a count of unique elements for each field, and then the topN for each field.

Here's some sample data, by way of clarification:
ID Name City Salary
1 John A 20000
2 Fred A 20000
3 Mary A 50000
4 Kim B 35000
5 **** C 33000

A = 3 90000
B = 1 35000
C = 1 33000

If that is a very simple example, then you need to create a group for each field that you want to summarise, in this case City, and then create Count field in groop footer for City, and Sum field for Salary.

There's a start. TopN side of things should be able to be achieved using the TopN/Group Sort expert.

If you havew lots of fields, you'll have lots of groups.........my example groups on only City, so is simple, but your could end up looking rather ugly, I think!


Hey Dave,

You're on the right track, but what i wanna do is "flip" the report around a little. Let's say i have a Customer table ... with SSN, Name, Addr.

I want my report to contain ONE ROW for each field-value ... not one column. My columns would be the Field-Name, Most Popular Occurence, Refer-Back key, and Count.

I would want my report to look like ...

Field Most popular value 1 Key (to refer back) Count (for that value)

SSN 111111111 111111111 1
222222222 222222222 1
333333333 333333333 1
123459699 123459699 1

Name John Smith 243050630 24
Dave Smith 294848372 22
Bob Jones 249858382 21
Tom Brown 385838375 11

Addr 123 Main St 948473859 6
123 Main Dr 938584894 6
222 Main St 983583959 4
123 Broadway 958347583 2

Thanks for your input !

I know that's ugly. My fields are lined up in my message text, but all of the spacing is ignored when the message is saved.

I want one row per field-name, and then 10 Values, refer-backs, and counts for each field name.

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