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Project Planning, Design, and Management @ October 2, 2003   Views:0

i am posting this post so that all the GURUS and the professionals can guide me in the process of developing my first application in a PROFESSIONAL way..
By professional way, i mean the way you guys are supposed to do it in your job... i learnt that there are proper ways of DEVELOPING a project...
some crucial steps, that are to be taken that leads to a SYSTEMMATIC and ORGANISED project development.

At this point i have an idea(courtesy of Mr.Mick_2002), now i need to move in a way that is defined by PROPER PROJECT DEVELOPMENT steps..
the the proper steps i mean, the documentation, diagrams and designing that need to be done..while a HUGE project is being developed.
my project is not huge, but i'd like to have a feel of how its done..
so after getting my idea...
whats the next step that should be taken? what are the documentations that need to be prepared? what more should be done??
tks a lot for any help..


There are many different kinds of development processes used in the professional world, each with their own rules on the proper kind of documentation, planning, and coding acceptable to that particular development process. So I think that a good start would be to actually read up on the various development processes and what they say. Examples can be found in this forum and elsewhere on the internet.

But that said, some things I would recommend you get some information on are modeling languages and testing packages. Understanding UML or some other object language allows you to begin to easily understand larger scale design patterns and architectures on a conceptual basis. And testing packages give you the capability to test various levels in your application's design hierarchy, allowing you to better ensure proper functionality prior to post production tests like those done by a QA.

I wouldn't want to recommend much more until you make a decision on which development process you are interested in using to develop your next application. Note, however, that some of the development processes assume team development, and so some of the practices may need to be altered or deferred if you will be the only developer. That usuallly isn't too much of a problem, since most professional development processes have a lot to offer the solo artist as well.

i am sorry....but i searched the web and couldn't really find the exacly development procedure in detail...

also i have no idea about testing packages..or waht is it..or how it is used or where to get it from

can u pls help

tks a lot for your time and answer

I don't know about you using/learning UML at this stage, it might be a bit much and I am thinking more than you need for this project. I would leave UML up to actually coding a project for the purpose of learning UML. that's just MHO.

Probably a simple straightforward development scheme...if you have multiple developers, they sign off, or request changes to the document, until everyone signs off on the final document.

such as creating:

SRS (software requirement stage documents):

Here you outline general requirements of the product.

SDR (software detailed requirements stage document):

Here you provide more detail on your requirements, including stub UI screen shots etc etc.

HLD (high level design)

Here you show a flow of your objects/design/program using something like Visio.

LLD (low level design)

Here you actually show the classes, the flow, the member function names, the .cpp/h file names etc. After this you start coding.

FVT (functial verification testing)

Here you write test cases against your code/product. And test them

regarding UML i agree with you...
and the steps are cool,,,
tks a lot Mr.Mick...this is exactly what i was looking for

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