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DTS failed to run automaticlly

Microsoft SQL Server @ September 1, 2004   Views:0

I created a DTS to transfer data from one SQL server to another SQL server.
However, I can only run the job manually. If I scheduled this job to be run
everyday automaticlly, It failed.
Please help.



Sounds like a permissioning problem. When you manually run the package it executes using your username and permisions when it executes as a job I believe it runs as the SQL Agent (not certain on this but it is definately not using your permissions).


rokslide is right.
When the dts or jobs run automatically they use SQL Server Agents startup accounts credentials. Just that that the SQL Agent startup account has permissions to do the job what you have put in the DTS.

Also is should have permission to write on the other server don't forget that.

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