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DVD's still not working

Ubuntu @ December 7, 2012   Views:0

Hello all and HELP!
I thought I'd give ubuntu a try ( I last tried Linux with red hat 10 when that came out), so far mostly good, I got it to see all of my hardware (that was some task) and set-up auto mount for my network drives on my server.
I've had a few little issues due to the hardware but nothing too hard that a half hour on the web hasn't been able to sort (well all but running 2 Logitech G-series controllers at the same time)
but DVD's thats a problem,
I have got XBMC to see the movies on the server but fails to play them, I have tried a disk into the pc and tried Mplayer,Xine & movieplayer, all give me nothing or just sound

Yes i have downloaded the 4 programs and followed the steps on https://help.ubuntu.com/12.10/ubuntu...estricted.html

which states Xine shows the errors of video_decoder can't raise nice priority by 1: operation not permitted
video_decoder can't raise nice priority by 2: operation not permitted

all I would like is to pick a DVD stored on the server from a menu like in XBMC and play it, am I missing something?
please any help would be appreciated


have you tried the VLC player...it seems to solve most
DVD issues for me...

I believe it's in the software center...


tried and failed,
in the open disk menu I have tried to open the shared folder, failed- nothing happens
all leave me with a blank screen
even open file and selecting one of the .vob files has no results

did this command install libdvdcss2? if you not sure try adding the medibuntu repository then install libdvdcss 2


sudo apt-get install libdvdcss2

I was sure it did but I have now done as you said, and then

for libdvdread2, 3 & 4 (call me paranoid)
returns with
same situation HOWEVER SMPlayer now works! shame I get no menus so TV show disks don't work as well
But its a start.If you install Smplayer from rvm's ppa and mplayer from the MOTU ppa it does support menus.https://launchpad.net/~rvm/+archive/ppa

mplayer still gives sound but no video
SMplayer has the menu option grayed out even the shortcut (shift + enter) fails to do anything

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