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Encrypt all

Microsoft SQL Server @ July 31, 2003   Views:0

Hi to all

i have A LOT of stored procedures that i have to encrypt. There is any nice way to do it automatically without having to ALTER them with the ENCRYPTION keyword one by one?

Thanx in advance


I don't believe there is another way to do it. BOL makes it very clear the syntax required for altering a SP.

Good luck and I hope you have plenty of time on your hand.

can i say "oh sh*t" ? :-)

i expected that anyway....just need to be sure of it


I think you will be saying on S**t for every one you have to do manually!

Just remember to backup them up safely becaus once encrypted... you know the rest!

Good luck and have fun. Perhaps you could use this weekend to do it?!

Every encrypted procedure can be decrypted, so if you just want to protect the code by doing that, don't waste your time. The code can be easily extracted even if is "encrypted".

mmm...not so sure of it. the only method to decrypt a sql server encryption should the the brute-force method, since encryption is irreversible.

am i wrong? if yes can you show the proof?

Well, take a look at

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