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MySQL @ August 31, 2005   Views:0

I just d/l'ed MySQL Browser & Admin today.
I was wondering how to delete rows, Add rows and Edit feilds.
all 3 options are grayed out.
Im used to using phpMyAdmin but my host seams to have compatabilty issues with IE6
I am not an expert in MySQL and can't write the queries to update the table



If you are using joins in your query, you cant edit the table. If you are querying just one table, click the edit button at the bottom of the screen. You can then right click on rows and delete them. Double click on them to edit. Click the last row (empty one) to add records.

You have to click Apply Changes once your done. I also recommend you dont do more than one type of entry at a time. I have had some bugs doing that before.

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