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Software Development @ September 15, 2006   Views:0


I am new to this forum and am very glad to be here.

I am currently working on a Python project which will be using Tkinter for a graphical (Windows)(XP) output. I have studied Python while completing my software engineering degree but have not used it for 2-years.

I am rediscovering Python just today (I have decided to go with Python instead of C++ for this build) and of course I will have many questions for the future to ask here. One simple question I have now is this:

When I save my code source-file (to desktop, for convenience), the program compiles and runs, but when I check the desktop I find a file(s) that are considered "unable to be opened". Why is this and how do I configure so I can save before a run? For now, I will just save all valid code as text files so as not to lose it.

Thank-you in advance,


Just a few quick questions:
What operating system are you running?
What version of Python do you have installed?
Are you saving your Python files as .py files?
Do you use an IDE, which one?

-Just a few quick questions:

-What operating system are you running? WindowsXP

-What version of Python do you have installed? Python 2.4.3

-Are you saving your Python files as .py files? I believe so (suggested default in save box: "Python and text files (* .py, . *.pyw, *.txt)

-Do you use an IDE, which one? IDLE (Python GUI)

**Thanks so much for your reply-- this is a nice site .

Welcome to the Python family at DaniWeb! If you haven't done so already read the "Starting Python" sticky at:
It has a few hints about program saving and IDLE. I am not an expert with IDLE and use mostly the DrPython IDE.

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