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files with a ~ created by text editor?

Ubuntu @ February 10, 2009   Views:0

I am creating .cpp files and compiling them using g++ -o file file.cpp. All that is working fine. The problem is that duplicate files are appearing in my directories with an added ~, eg: fish.cpp creates fish.cpp~. I thought this was happening because I still had an open version of the files but the files remain after I close all files. How do I avoid creating these files?


Those are backup files that both kate and emacs create. Both of them have an option in the preferences somewhere to turn it off.

Many apps have an option in their Preferences to create (or not) backups. For instance, in gedit, it's in Preferences, Editor, Create a backup copy. The backup is appended as you describe.

With the solved and thanks functions disabled, I am not sure how to thank you and tell you all that you solved my problem.

You're welcome ^_^

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Yeah those are back up files

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