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firefox , pidgin ,apt-get not working properly

Ubuntu @ June 7, 2010   Views:0

hey yesterday after my system startup i connected internet using my mobile broadband connectionn ,but after that except my torrent client no other web app. working.when i start firefox it doesn't load pages,when i start pidgin it doesn't connect my aim clients and also i can't connect on IRC channel.Even i can't update or install my system using apt-get.While my torrent client is working fine.
I don't remember what i did before my last successful restart.
I already restart my system several time but it doesn't work.

i don't want to come back on windows but due to this problem i have to come back.....please help!


Your torrent client is clogging the network. You need to set the UPLOAD limit in the torrent client to 80% of the real UPLOAD bandwidth limit. Also reducing the number of maximum connections and the connections per second might help. See BitTorrent optimization and troubleshooting guide

woh...i forgot to mentioned that even after quiting the torrent client the same problem remain.

After reboot when i connected to the network i first try firefox but as it didn't work so i gave a try to pidgin it also didn't work after that i started Xchat it gave the error message.After all i tried $sudo apt-get update but it also failed.
After all that when i start my torrent client, it works.(So i confirmed it's not the problem with my network connection).

When i tried with firefox i was supposing it's problem with firefox......but now after several restart and finding problem with other web app. i can't figure out what is the problem?

If they don't work after closing the torrent client, then try to restart your router/modem.

ok i will be back after trying this...


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