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For javascript nuts - Scriptographer

PHP @ June 5, 2005   Views:0

I nearly peed my pants when I saw this. Something fun...but I haven't had a chance yet to play around with this. I saw him demo this at a conference and it was neat.

Plus, it's the machine behind the machine called Hektor.

Scriptographer - Scriptogpraher is a scripting plugin for Adobe Illustrator. It gives the user the possibility to extend the functionality of Illustrator by the use of the JavaScript scripting language.

Therefore the user is no longer limited to the same few tools that are used by nearly all the graphic designers all over the world. Scriptographer allows the creation of mouse controlled drawtools, run-once effects and even timer controlled animations.

Scriptographer gives the tool back in the hand of the user, it confronts a closed product with the open source philosophy. And the best thing is: it doesn't cost anything.


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