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Formatting External hdd that is alread windows NTFS formatted

Mac OS X @ February 15, 2006   Views:0

I just bought a Powerbook G4 a month ago. I do alot of video editting. I already had a pc with 2 120 gig seagate hdd's. I want to access one of them from an external drive & bought a box w/a 6 pin firewire port on it. I finally got the MAC to pick it up (after trying to move the jumpers on the hdd). But when I went to the disc utilities, it said the drive was unwriteable & therefore I couldn't do anything to it. Has anyone ever had this problem??

Let me know. Thanks, firpadirp


Because the drives are formatted NTFS. Only Windows can write to NTFS. OS X can only read NTFS. You need to reformt that drives as FAT32 if you need to use them on a PC (one drawback, file size is limited to 4GB), or you need to reformat them as HFS+ (no limitations then). However you will have to but MacDrive to get a PC to read the HFS+ drive(s).

You will need to reformat the hard drive using the Mac. Have you done that? Or will it not detect it so you can format it?

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