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Gnome 3 integrated messaging problem

Ubuntu @ October 16, 2011   Views:0

First of all, I'm new to Gnome 3. I'm using Ubuntu 11.10 with Gnome 3. Gnome 3 is supposed to have integrated chat, and one should chat within the notifications, without having to open any applications. That works for me, but with one problem. When I start Gnome 3 environment and go available, everyone can see that I'm online and send me messages, but I don't get that icon in messaging tray down-right, so I can't see my online contacts. On the other hand, when someone sends me a message, notifications work just fine and I'm able to chat with them. I'm missing that icon in my messaging tray, and only way to see my contacts is to start empathy.


I think you'll find this is by design. Empathy is basically a front-end to telepathy, which is the same messaging backend that the gnome shell plugs in to.

There isn't much point in duplicating this functionality in the shell, so to see your contact list, open Empathy. Think of it as the "contacts" window

While it isn't a bug. It does "feel" like one.

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