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GTK Broke Unity. Help me recover?

Ubuntu @ February 7, 2014   Views:0

So, I was trying to install the Birdie twitter client. Following their directions, I needed to update to Gnome 3 (Gtk version to 3.10). So I did.

The problem is that this has really broken Unity. I can't see my cursor anymore and every time I log into Unity, I get error upon error. Since I can't see the cursor, the computer is essentially worthless. I'm able to use Gnome, but don't like it.

How can I recover Unity? Any help out there?


Your best bet is ppa-purge
You'll need to install it, can you access a terminal?
ctrl+alt+T ?
does this get a terminal
If yes then run


sudo apt-get install ppa-purge

then try


sudo ppa-purge ppa:gnome3-team/gnome3

this should revert the packages back.
Hopefully that does some good, and whatever happens next can be addressed as it comes.

So, I'd already followed this advice. However, upon reboot Unity just doesn't behave. The window decorations don't function properly. I have no cursor. It's there, but it is invisible, which makes for very painful and slow work. At present, I can't get the dash to appear. I actually went back through and reinstalled the ubuntu desktop and reinstalled unity. But I have the same issue.

Any ideas?

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