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Having trouble reading cookie values

PHP @ July 5, 2003   Views:0

I've got three scripts that I wrote to see if I was setting cookies properly. Here they are.

PHP Code:

//setcookie.php sets a cookie with two values (user_id and user_name)

setcookie('mycookie[user_id]', '1', '60', '/');
setcookie('mycookie[user_name]', 'joe smith', '60', '/');

echo "<a href='showcookie.php'>show cookie values</a>";

PHP Code:

//showcookie.php checks to see if the cookies are set, and shows the values

if (isset($HTTP_COOKIE_VARS['mycookie[user_id]']))
         echo $HTTP_COOKIE_VARS['mycookie[user_id]'];
         echo $HTTP_COOKIE_VARS['mycookie[user_name]'];
         echo "no cookie set";

echo "<br><a href='setcookie.php'>set a cookie</a><br>";
echo "<a href='removecookie.php'>remove a cookie</a>";

PHP Code:

//removecookie.php removes the cookies

setcookie('mycookie[user_id]', '', '60', '/');
setcookie('mycookie[user_name]', '', '60', '/');

echo "<a href='showcookie.php'>click</a>";

I'm accessing setcookie.php first then going to showcookie.php. I keep getting the "no cookie set" message even though the cookie is there. I've checked my Temporary Internet Files to verify it. Any ideas?


try setting the cookie like this

PHP Code:

setcookie ("mycookie[0]", "1", time()+7200);
setcookie ("mycookie[1]", "joe smith", time()+7200); 

then to call the cookies to echo them try this

PHP Code:

echo $_COOKIE["mycookie"][0];
echo $_COOKIE["mycookie"][1]; 

hope this helps

Will do. Thanks.

Hang on. That's not really what I was asking. I'm able to call the values. My real question is why is the isset function not working. If I comment that all out, I can see the values. When I put it back in it tells me that there aren't any cookies because

PHP Code:


isn't returning anything.

You might try using array_key_exists() instead of isset(), sometimes you can get around NULL values that way.

That said, the problem may well be in the array syntax, although it looks OK.

Do a print_r($_COOKIE) and see if the cookies are there but are named something other than you expect. And definitely do:

PHP Code:

echo $testvar; 

Somewhere around here was a thread on testing with isset() being rather unique...but I can't remember the whole thing...


Aw, heck, it could just be your using the literal strings, too.

Try double quotes instead....

It's getting late, I need sleep

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