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HDD not recognised in BIOS

Ubuntu @ September 27, 2011   Views:0

Hi Folks, bought a new Western Digital WD10EVDS AV-GP Hard disk, plugged it in to my desktop along side the 500gb Hitachi master with Ubuntu 11.4 installed, with a new SATA cable, seems to be getting power, but the BIOS does not see it, tried a second new SATA cable and the other SATA slots, (2 of the 4 are free), still no joy.
plugged it into my neighbours Win 7 desk caddy which recognised it and Initialised it (as FAT32).
took it back to my machine and the result was the same, not seen by the BIOS.

Am I doing something wrong??? does it need a jumper or are they old hat now?

Any help welcome.

Ps , I bought this drive to replace the one in my Humax 9300t PVR box,
did not work, kept rebooting every 2 mins. apperently if I can copy some files from the old disk to the new, it will work.




How old is the Motherboard? some older models can't handle newer hard drives. Also Sata drives don't need to use jumpers.

Did you check the power cable? maybe it isn't getting power as you might think.

Turn on the SATA function in your BIOS.

Thanks guys,

As the primary HDD and DVD are SATA, I wrongly assumed that it was turned on.

Just proves, to ASSUME is to make an *** of U and ME.......

Thanks again.


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