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help! how can i connect CR10 and vb6?

Software Development @ March 23, 2008   Views:0

how can i connect crystal report 10 to vb6.0? is it possible?
i really need to know how,,,
thanks in advance!


try this
look into ur Components in VB
"Crystal Report Control"
check it

then in your command button

put this codes

With CrystalReport1
Screen.MousePointer = vbHourglass
.WindowBorderStyle = crptFixedSingle
.WindowState = crptMaximized
.WindowTitle = "Users"
.ReportFileName = App.Path & "\FOLDERNAME\YOURREPORTNAME.rpt"
.WindowShowRefreshBtn = True
.DiscardSavedData = False
.Destination = crptToWindow
.Action = 1
Screen.MousePointer = vbDefault

End With

i used this code in connecting vb6 + CR8.5
maybe its kind of the same

hope it will help u somehow

the above code won't work with crpt10.
it is limited to version 8.5 only as their is no crystal report control available with versions 9 and above. all there is crystal report viewer. and its syntax is completely different.

make some googling.

ic... soo i wont wont work
maybe i start upgrading my CR to CR10 too, and learn the changes

check out this code

Public Sub DailyReportDisplay(Query As String)
   Set CRXReport = CrystalReport2
   Set CRXDb = CRXReport.Database
   inti = 1
   Do Until inti = CRXReport.Database.Tables.count + 1
   CRXReport.Database.Tables.Item(inti).SetLogOnInfo strdblocation, "<your table name>",      "<user id>", "<password>"
  inti = inti + 1
  CrystalReport2.SQLQueryString = Query
  With FrmReport
   .CRV1.ReportSource = CRXReport
  End With
  Set CRXReport = Nothing
End Sub

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