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Helpful hint on installing the Sims 3 WorldTool for Steam Usrs

Game Development @ July 14, 2012   Views:0

Hello Everyone!

I just wanted to point out a helpful hint based on an error I ecountered while installing the 'Worldtool' for the Sim 3. If you try to install this with the copy of the 'Steam' version of the game, you will run into this weird error with it saying "Copy not Installed". The EA people have not put out a patch yet, but there is a simple fix.

To fix this just copy the 'Sims(Steam)' key to another key in your registry editor and take the '(steam)' out. Then the copy will work.

See video if this doesn't make sense -> Click Here

Any questions, let me know.


Thank you so much for keeping us updated about this error being occured.

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