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How to Activate Redshift?

Ubuntu @ May 1, 2011   Views:0


Any ideas on how to activate Redshift, the night-mode viewing app? I installed it with Synaptic a week ago on Ubuntu 10.10 (two packages, one is the GTK), and it remained installed through the upgrade to 11.04, but it wouldn't activate with 10.10 and now with 11.04.

Can someone please tell me what I need to do? There is no "tray," nothing...and, of course, the screen is still bright at night.



I don't know how to activate redshift, but I can suggest an alternative that I use for nightmode viewing; the "Negative" option in Compiz.

If you have Compiz installed, open Compiz Settings Manager, look under "Accesibility", and enable "Negative". You can activate (and deactivate) it by using Super key + N, and Super key + M, where Super key = Windows key.

Hope this helped, cheers.

Thank you very much. I enabled Negative. Will check tonight to see how this works!


Well, Compiz doesn't do the magic for me that I hoped. Again, I appreciate your suggestion. Thanks! I'll keep trying other options.


Hi Suda,

Sorry that didn't work out.

I was curious about Redshift, so I just installed it and wanted to try it out. I found the Redshift creator's page which has detailed useful instructions on how to enable it (http://jonls.dk/redshift/) Go through it and let me know if you have any issues in getting it to work.

I have to say, this offers much better night-reading mode than "Negative". Thanks for making me try this out, I wouldn't have discovered it otherwise. Cheers.

There is also a Redshift GUI, if you are interested.

Link: https://github.com/maoserr/redshiftgui/downloads

Thanks for the Link

Open terminal
gtk-redshift <enter>

Doesn't that work?

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