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How to create a shortcut to Alien Arena 2008

Ubuntu @ March 29, 2009   Views:0

I just downloaded Alien Arena 2008 to my laptop with Ubuntu 8.10 and would like to have created a shortcut on the panel to it.

The entire folder of the game is in my home folder, then the full path is /home/nicolas/alienarena2008 and the file called crx.sdl, not crx, because the sound does not come when I press it.

I've tried to follow this guide:

And inserted the correct location instead of it they had proposed. It just does not work. I press the shortcut, nothing happens. There will not even an error message.

How do I create a shortcut that I can place in alacarte?


i reply to get subscribed, i want to know how to make such shortcuts as well

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