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How to make a line command an icon in a menu.

Ubuntu @ July 21, 2008   Views:0

Hello everybody,

I have a program I can start using the line command:
/home/anton/Freecad8/visual freecad8.im
How do I turn this into an icon in a drop down like "Applications" and then "Accesories" ?

Thanks in advanced.


To add items to the application menu, right click Applications and go to "Edit Menus". Then, go into the folder you'd like to add it to and click the "+ New Item". A standard launcher window should come up. Fill in the info with the command as "/home/anton/Freecad8/visual\ freecad8.im"

Right click on the top panel's Menu (ubuntu icon) and select Edit. Click on Accessories (or wherever) and select New Item. Type in a name and the command. If it is a known program, the app's icon will probably automatically appear. If you want to choose your own, click on the icon and select the location/icon.

Right click on the ubuntu logo that opens the menus, and select "Edit menus" When the window opens you will see a button marked "New item" There you just have to put in your command, give it a name and choose an icon.

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