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I cannot enter in an account after a while

Ubuntu @ October 11, 2016   Views:0

Dear community,
I am using Ubuntu 16.04 and I am having a strange issue. After more o less two weeks of usage of an user account after the typing of the password I get a black screen after the pressing of the Enter button. But if I try to enter with an other account I can get in with out problems, so I think it is not a graphics card or a driver problem.
After a hint of a friend of mine (who had a totally different issue) I temporary solved the problem deleting all the hidden files and directories (that starting with a .) in the account folder with the problem in the home folder. Anyway after a more or less two week period a had again the same problem and I used the same solution.

Do you know how to solve definitely the problem? And moreover do you know why am I having this problem and why does the temporary solution work?
Thanks you very much for the helping.


It would help to know your hardware specs, and what happens just prior to the problem recurring. Is it after a system upgrade by any chance?

My laptop is a sumsung. The processor is an intel core i5, 2.40 Ghz and 6Gb of Ram. The graphics card is a Nvidia GeForce GT 520MX . The ubuntu version is 16.04 LTS 64 bit.
Not, I do not have the problem after any upgrade. It happens after a period of more or less two weeks

At the login prompt, what desktop environments are you loading for the user that is failing what what desktop you're loading for the one who's not failing; they are the same?

It is the same environment for all the users. It is Unity 7.4.0, the standard one

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