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i just landed...

Ubuntu @ May 28, 2008   Views:0

i just landed here on earth. where I'm from we do all our computing in our heads so i never seen a computer till now. I have one with Ubuntu 7.10; how do I learn it like a pro starting with no computer knowledge whatsoever. I'm looking for walk through tutorials. Or any other good ideas?.


Well, looks like you can give yourself one pat on the back because you've landed in the right place already! The Ubuntu forums are a wealth of knowledge Here everything tends to be "real people" asking "real questions".

If you're looking for a more "professionally written" guide, then pop over here:


Or, the link for the older version of Ubuntu that you have:


Check the links in my signature

The ones your shouting about?

Those are great links, and remember Google is very useful too.

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