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Installing software from code

C++ (Non Visual C++ Issues) @ July 31, 2011   Views:0

As developers, we are constantly installing new libraries that we need from time to time, most of the time, from source. I find this very frustrating on any platform other than linux. In your experience, what is the average case for installing from source.

Doesn't work - poorly written, highly compiler specific code, impossible to fix, impossible to find dependancies
Works after some tweaks - Obviously written for one platform, but easily made to work on another
Dependency issues - Depends on other libraries, usually also installed from source, or some management software like port that seems to always be in the "doesn't work" category
Works first time - ./configure, make, make install

For me I find the most trouble with dependancies. Especially since I'm on a Mac, almost everything that has any dependancies say to get the dependance though the management tool called port, which won't compile or binary install on my system. Please Apple, put an apt-get in your little store? :P


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