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Is this Possible - changing KDE in Ubuntu?

Ubuntu @ January 4, 2013   Views:0

I'm running 12.04 and 12.10 on two machines - on one I have digiKam and the other digiKam and Krusader. My Ubuntu folder icons are of the standard ubuntu orange/brown look - whereas in digiKam and Krusader the icons are blue and (I think) the standard KDE looking folder. I have downloaded the KDE System Settings app and can change some of the colours in digiKam/Krusader but I would like to change the look of the folder icon. Is it possible to change the look/colour of the kde/digiKam/Krusader icons whilst they are installed/running in the 12.04/10 environments?


Maybe if you use Faenza icons


Thanks. I've downloaded and installed the theme into my ubuntu desktop but I cannot find a way of specifying the theme for the kde apps. KDE System Settings does not seem to have this functionality.

I restarted and can now do this via KDE System Settings/Common Appearance/Application Appearance/Icons

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