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key is not working.

Ubuntu @ April 20, 2009   Views:0

hi please help me my keyboard ctrl+c key is not working...


I am sorry, but what "ctrl+c" is supposed to do?What are you trying to do by pressing CTRL+C?

the normal operation i mean for copy something

In what application?


If you're working in the terminal, CTRL+C is for breaking execution of an application. You'll need to use the mouse to right-click and copy/paste or use the Up-Arrow/Down-Arrow to cycle through previous commands.

not in terminal if i copy a folder with crtl+c it is not copy i dont know why although my ctrl and c key are working fine when i use separately..

In terminal you could also use CTRL+Shift+C. Just try it, you'll see it works.

I think he also means to copy/paste text in GUI, or files - like in Windows: ctrl c and then ctrl v to paste.

I was also wondering why ctrl v works but not ctrl c in Ubuntu.

In Linux, however, you can highlight what you want to copy and then simply middle click to paste...

That is strange. I can use CTRL+C/CTRL+V just fine to copy/paste folders that are on my Desktop.

Have you tried using the terminal to copy it?

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