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Launcher on workspace 2 set to hidden

Ubuntu @ December 28, 2011   Views:0

I'm talking about Ubuntu 11.04 with unity desktop.

The launcher has done this by itself and only does it on workspace 2.


Is there a way to unhide it?


I have this as a "solution" but am reluctant to use it since it involves compiz settings and I read from a Ubuntu staff person that compiz doesn't work well with unity in most cases. "Most cases"? Is my launcher problem in that group? Dunno...

Can anyone who knows give me some knowledge on this question: Can I use compiz for this or not?

Here's a how to on this from ask Ubuntu:


Anyone with a better idea than compiz please let me know too.


It's fixed. There was a sticky note that had been pushed to the screen edge where the launcher sits. When I dragged this sticky out, the launcher problem has left!!

Good thing I found it!


How a wayward sticky got shoved there I'll never know. Funny solution to it. Lol.

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