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Ldap pdc with samba and winxp clients configuration

Ubuntu @ October 3, 2009   Views:0

Hello everyone,

This my first post to the UBUNTU forums. I'm fairly new to linux. I'm trying to get an LDAP PDC with SAMBA running inside of VMWARE workstation 6.5. I have followed all the steps in the OpenLDAP-SambaPDC-OrgInfo-Posix documentation, located at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Op...-OrgInfo-Posix.

I can see the LDAP Server in Nautilus on a Fedora host on the same network, as well as from my Windows XP host on the network.

When I try to access the shares on my LDAP/SAMBA server from Fedora, I get an error message: Unable to mount location ( Failed to retrieve share list from server ).

When I try to access the shares on the LDAP/SAMBA server from Windows XP client, through the 'Network Places' section, I get a login prompt that says "Connecting to Linuxpc". Linuxpc is the workgroup name of my LDAP/SAMBA server. When I enter the username and password nothing happens. When I try to access the domain 'server', the domain of my LDAP/SAMBA server, I get the error message: Logon failure: unknown user name of bad password.

Running nmap from Fedora client shows that ports 139, 389, and 445 are open on the LDAP/SAMBA server.

Any help will be greatly appreciated.

Thank you...


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