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Metadata doubt..

MySQL @ August 18, 2005   Views:0

I am using MySQL 4.1
How do i get the list of all tables,views,users,procedures etc
I want to know which dictionary table should i query in MySQL4.1

Thanks in advance


You should upgrade if you're just doing some experimenting: http://dev.mysql.com/doc/mysql/en/news-5-0-x.html

The following changelog shows what has been done in the 5.0 tree:

Basic support for read-only server side cursors.

Basic support for (updatable) views. See, for example, Section 21.2, “CREATE VIEW Syntax”.

Basic support for stored procedures (SQL:2003 style). See Chapter 19, Stored Procedures and Functions.

Initial support for rudimentary triggers.
... Well the first thing to say is there are no procedures or views in 4.1.

For the rest you can use the show commands details here.


For users however you need to use the users tables like so.

select * from mysql.user;

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