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mIRC problem

Microsoft Windows @ December 30, 2006   Views:0

I just got a new computer like a week ago, and i downloaded mIRC to download stuff. It was running fine, downloaded a few big programs (1 GB+) but now when i run it the comp restarted. So i changed the settings where it said the blue windows error screen would show, instead of restart and i tried to run it again and like 2 mins later, the blue window screen error comes up. Why does this happen when i only run mIRC. I did a virus scan wit norton and nothing comes up can someone help me, please.


Sounds like it might be a HEAT issue...

Do you often notice your computer rebooting?? If you do,i would suggest cleaning out the inside,making sure your fans are clear and all.......

Welcome to Daniweb :)

thanks, but it ONLY crashes (blue error screen shows up) when mIRC is running.

Have you tried putting MIRC into compatibility mode?? (Win98)

See what happens then :)

i have Windows XP pro

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mIRC problem

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