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Moving the Taskbar?

Ubuntu @ May 7, 2011   Views:0

I'm trying to figure out how to move the taskbar from the left side of the screen to the bottom of the screen. I have the latest version of Ubuntu. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!


Try pressing the ALT Key and drag the panel to the location you wish.

Do you mean the UNITY bar on the left or something else?

Yeah I believe I did. To be honest, I'm not the best with this whole linux thing. The only reason we switched my wife's computer over completely is because windows kept crashing and locking her out and we were sick of it. It's an older machine but can run ubuntu fine. The unity bar is the bar that resembles a task bar, correct? The one with the icons on it to open up programs? If that is the case, that is what I would like to move.

I see that’s a bit more difficult for me but rather than making you just wait for some one else I will look into it for you and try my best, it's just that I use the normal display (not Unity) why I wasn't sure what you meant.
P.S. did you try dragging it to the left side whilst holding down the alt key??

Yeah I tried the alt thing and that didn't work.

Well that didn't take long apparently the short answer is NO! for now as Unity is fairly new and in my opinion not ready for release just cause it work's (basics only) It's not like Ubuntu but there going through a big transitional period right now apparently for the better.
Well I use the normal view or Unity 2d but I still prefer the origional way would that interest you??

I don't know if I like this unity bar yet or now. I am fairly new to linux but have used it in the past and really liked not having that bar and just putting the icons on the top. I guess we shall see what happens to it. Thanks for looking into it for me.

Well if you get sick of Unity You can easily go back to the original desktop and edit that to look however you want by:

1. Clicking on the Unity tab at the bottom of the screen when Ubuntu first boots up before you actually get to the desktop.
2. Go to -PREFERENCES-ADMINISTRATION-LOGIN SCREEN SETTINGS- (when you've booted top the desktop of course) then at the bottom click on the OS tab to select your preferred option (Unity or the normal desktop).

P.S. can you mark the thread as SOLVED please for other people with similar problems.
SOLVED- at THREAD TOOLS at the top of screen.

Just to finish off here is some Unity and Unity 2d edit help pages:


And for Unity 2d for both Ubuntu10.10 and Ubuntu11.04:


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