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My SQL connection

MySQL @ August 22, 2009   Views:0

Dear Friends,
I want to connect MySQL Database from one computer to another MySQL database situated in another computer both computers are in LAN.
please help.


so not knowing what you are trying to do....
not knowing what language or application you are using....

first off you need to make certain that all user accounts are GRANTed sufficent permissions to the databases as required

the server needs to be visible on the network...

the application or program you are using/writing needs to be set up to connect to that mysql server. so you need to know either the ip address or better yet the servername that hosts the mysql server

personally I've found it simpler to download the MySQL GUI tools from the MySQL website.. its easier to proove whether you have a means to talk to the remote server. its easier to setup / GRANT permissions.

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