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mysql package for stadalone pc

Ubuntu @ February 10, 2013   Views:0

Hi friend

I have a few computer which have no Internet conneciton .But I need to install mysql and ubuntu updates on every system ...



Thank schrags but it have no clear how to Because I am not a linux savvy

I got some information about apt-offline package I dont know what its doing with


I need to install mysql without net connection ,I think above how to give only create offline database of the packages .its not give me how to install the packages in ubuntu box that have no net connection and any configuration in ubuntu box that need to install package

Thanks for the great help

Take a look at this examples:

Install MySQL without apt-get
How to install Mysql Server In Ubuntu Server that has no Internet Connection
Offline MySQL installation (Using deb file and no internet connection)

friends your suggestion were very highly things for me ...

I have 2 simple questions ?

1 ) Is it possible to install mysql, by manually collecting whole .deb packages from /var/cache/apt/archives on mysql installed system to ubuntu system have no Internet connection ..?

2) If i am using aptoncd in 12.04 do I need to have aptoncd on newly installed system for restore the package

I am in trouble with this requirement

WRT your first question. I guess, after


sudo apt-get clean
sudo apt-get -d --reinstall install mysql-server

you'll get debs for mysql and all its dependencies in /var/cache/apt/archivesFriend

I need to install mysql on another system have no internet connection with deb package I already installed in my laptop .I Installed mysql in my laptop

Once you have the packages, either stick them in



and run the standard


sudo apt-get install mysql-server

or simply cd into the directory where the packages are and run


sudo dpkg -i *.deb

Yes, I perfectly understand you. sudo apt-get -d --reinstall install mysql-server won't reinstall mysql on your laptop, trust me. It will only download all needed debs into /var/cache/apt/archives, nothing more.

Sorry, I was wrong. apt-get -d --reinstall won't download all dependencies recursively if you've already installed them before. To achieve this, do


sudo apt-get -d --reinstall install mysql-server `apt-cache --recurse -i depends mysql-server|awk '$2!~/^</{print$2}'|sort -u`
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