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Netbook Remix - Intrepid

Ubuntu @ April 15, 2009   Views:0


How can I find the Intrepid Ibex version of netbook remix? I have tried going up in the directory structure here without luck:

I have an HP 1000 mini and the sound works, and dropbox doesn't work with 9.04 yet. I would like to reinstall with 8.10.



This is for the DEll mini 9 but I am pretty sure it is the same.


You have to basically install 8.10 and then install the Netbook Remix packages. Hope this helps!

I think you are supposed to install the NBR interface on top of an existing Intrepid install: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UNR

Do it over a minimal install if you are that kind of person.

NBR has the following additional packages:

  1. go-home-applet
  2. window-picker-applet
  3. ume-launcher
  4. maximus
  5. human-netbook-theme
  6. ume-config-netbook (only use this if you have an Atom processor)

Just install these programs normally then add them all (except the applets) to System > Preferences > Sessions.

Thanks guys, appreciate it.

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