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No Skype Systray icon?

Ubuntu @ May 10, 2011   Views:0

I installed Natty (32bit) not too long ago, and decided I wanted Skype to run on startup. So, I went into the Startup Programs menu, and added Skype. However, when I boot up, there is a small, white pixel where the Skype icon ought to be in the system tray (see attached screenshot). When I run Skype from the dash menu, I don't have this problem. It only happens when I tell Skype to run on bootup. Tried googling of course, but couldn't find anything. Anyone have any ideas?



I have the same issue.
Google on 'unity whitelist'. Then you will find something with gmessage (or something like that) to whitelist 3rd party applications to show their icon.
I whitelisted ["ALL"] but that did not help. Hope it works for you. Let me know.

Nope, didn't work for me. But thanks for the tip.

The first you have to do is the "Whitelist-thing" mentioned and described above, but the real solution (for me) is to disable the desktop effects (compiz). Using Gnome-desktop there is a permanent way to get rid of desktop effects: Go to System/Administration/Login Screen, and there you can select "Ubuntu Classic (No Effects)" desktop. This brings the real solution, you can use skype, QBittorrent, drag&drop function on the Top Bar etc.. unfortunately without any eyecandy of course...

Everybody is waiting for the update which will enable Natty users to use Compiz without issues.

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