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NTLM authenitcation for Novell Edirectories on Windows

Networking @ November 28, 2007   Views:0

Hello All,
I am "Jay" new member to this group.I have query in configuring NTLM for Novell edirectories on windows.

We have a web application where the edirectory users will be accessing the application from the windows client machines.The default authentication is simple which requires users authentication when launching the application .We enabled the NTLM for Edirecotries using our application.Despite of enabling the NTLM the users cannot able to login automatically.Its says the NTLM authentication fails.The same thing works properly with ActiveDirectories.Problem only with Novell edirectories.What i am thinking is NTLM will be only supported by active directories and not by other directory services in windows.Is there a way where we can configure NTLM for edirectories?



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