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Payment processing gateway for PHP

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Hi, I've read some post about this subject here, but they are rather old. I'm curious as to what PHP compatible payment processing gateway you favor today? Also, from your own experiences: in what time frame do funds usually become available? My business model requires access to funds to complete transactions for my customers. I appreciate any help. Thanks.


Usually this is handled by a third party (PayPal, FastTransact, etc.) and the php developer uses the API to do the processing.

Personally they're all the same to me. I've used PayPal and FastTransact at work, and while they have many options, at times it can be a pain to get working 100% right.

As far as when the funds are available, depends upon the transaction provider. Usually it's a business day before you have them (or confirmed that you have them); however, you'd have to read the documentation for whatever gateway you use.

Thank you for your reply bpat1434. I've been a little skeptical of Paypal. But you make a good point. Would you mind telling me which tire of service you recommend to use with Paypal?

I use the PayPal Playflo Pro or something like that, it allows me to have my own credit card form, and they even provide the PHP functions for sending the request to paypal. Though it would be recommended to use SSL on your CC forms. The option is also available for people to use their own paypal id and password. They do charge per transaction. There is also a nice sandbox setup to test your software before you ever go live with it.

Thanks for yer input Foyer. I didn't know they had a sanbox to test againt, that seems like a pretty cool feature. I'll give Payflo a try.

You could check into using LinkPoint. I have used the lphp class to do realtime credit card authorizations transactions and near realtime fund transfers.

Hi Kudose. I tried researching LinkPoint, but its website redirects to firstdata.com, and then they have something called Global Gateway, is this what you use? is Iphp a class they provide? Great thanks for the insight, from the sounds of it, your solution could be just what I'm looking for.

Yes, I believe FirstData is the mother company now. I don't handle all the details, just the programming and verification the money came in.

lphp.php is still a valid class to use and you still connect to linkpoint.com for authorizations. Sorry for the confusion.

Hi Robin

Great, I'm reading on the business portfolio so that I know what they require etc. I noticed they have a software section where you can download solutions for php and other languages.

Sorry to bother you this much. But on the business aspect of it, do you know with what bank you guys have your merchant account? or do you feel it'd work just as smooth with about any other financial institution?

They do offer ready made classes for communication in several languages.

We currently use a local bank ( a credit union I think), but any reputable financial institution should be able to support this (I know Commerce Bank, Bank of America does and other banks that offer business class services should). It is essentially a wire transfer.

Sorry it took so long to get back to you... it's been hectic around here.

PayFlow Pro is what we use at work with a client. Seems to work for them. I developed my own PHP class to be used inside cakePHP to do both the sandbox testing and the live transactions. I can't give you that code because of an NDA; however, I can say that the PayFlow Pro documentation is extremely helpful and very detailed. Eventually I may write a full PayPal Class to do this, but not right now.

I haven't used any other online merchants. They're all basically the same though. Ninety percent of banks will work with online merchants. If they didn't, you wouldn't be able to purchase items online The only part your bank will notice is (1) deposits to verify you are the account holder and (2) transfers you make from your online merchant account to your bank account. If you wanted to be a litle more quarky you could get a ING account, use that for all your online stuff. Then transfer from your ING account to your bank. It's nothing more than wire transfers as Kudose said.

Thank you guys. I'm finally getting a grasp of eCommerce.

Kudose - I'm using BOA, so that should work great. Thanks so much for your explanation and insight.

bpat1434 - Heh those non disclosure agreements always get the best of you But what do you mean about the ING account? what is special about it? (thinking you mean the ING Bank, the one with the golden lion lol).

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