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PHP script sales advice needed.

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I am newbie here. We have newly developed innovative PHP scripts. And I am in charge of selling

But I wonder how to sell script really well.

I tried hotscripts and sitepoint market place. But what then?

Is there any real cost-free way to market the scripts?

Yes I do have sales website on ubispot.com but traffic is the most important thing..

Hope to get advised ASAP!



When I am doing demos for a new product I have created sometimes it is smart to put a demo of the actual script on the website. Let the user begin to work within the system, get a feel for it, and let the product speak for itself. Other then that, anything else you can think of. Using social network sites, like maybe a facebook group, or something along those lines. Just a few ideas.


There has been the demo sites published today.

But since the scripts are new to market, you probably need to read How-To Demo before doing actual testing.

These are How-To part.

MyCrumbTrail -Flickr/Youtube aggregator

Ubimall - Surfing Together script

SharedBrowser - Web surfing together script

Thanks and happy day!

PHP script sales advice needed.
PHP script sales advice needed.

Have you not tried googling something like 'selling php scripts'? Surely there must be links that can point you in the right direction.

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